Rejuvenating Childhood to Serve GOD

RC Group, Shimla

Serving Children to Serve GOD


This is how eminent personalities testify our efforts :) :)

Quotes I fall short of words to appreciate the work being done by RC Group. University is the highest temporal seat of knowledge and if some students (deprived sections of society) remain uneducated, means University failed in its task. RC Group is performing our endeavour at ground level. I appreciate their work. Quotes
Prof. ADN Bajpai
Vice-chancellor, HP University

Quotes I just came Across this site and I am Really Happy that Students Of this University Have taken some initiative to do something and help others.....Work done by RC Group is Quite Appreciable. Quotes
Shubhankar Sood
Student and a Social Worker

Quotes Feeling really good after seeing whats happening in the university. A bunch of people instead of talking and complaining actually working for the society and the country. Little bit ashamed also, that not contributing much but will definitely try my best help in this noble cause. Quotes
HPU Student

Quotes It is really a great initiative by the students of HPU, Shimla. I am proud that I too am an Alumnus of this very university where students are performing such activities. In Sathya Sai Baba's words," Your life is successful if you transform a single other life." But RC Group is transforming a number of other lives. God Bless Them. Quotes
Prof. Yogendra Verma
Pro. Vice-chancellor, Central University of HP

Quotes Yes!! it is true ... "Actions do speak louder than words"... So do they.. RC group is beyond words.. the service they are providing for the betterment of society is commendable.. Kids are so rich in affection, Love and warmth.. It will always going to remain deep down memory in my lane..!! Thanks for the love you all showered.. God bless.!! Quotes
HPU Student