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Serving Children to Serve GOD

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Day in and day out, we hear every other Indian saying “I am proud to be an Indian”. This line is not merely a string of characters; it has a deeper meaning within. While saying these words, the main question that should arise in one’s mind should be that “If I am proud of being an Indian, what am I doing for my country?” “What is my contribution in the development of my nation?”

To quench the thirst risen by the self conscious, the one will definitely come up with zeal and enthusiasm to contribute his/her part in the nation’s growth. There is a feeling of selfless service in every Indian, but the thing that stops him from social service is the lack of opportunities and unavailability of a proper reliable platform. We, at RC Group, are dedicated to provide you this very platform.

If we really want to do something for the nation, what should we do? How should we give it a start?

Here’s the answer:

  • If you are not at HPU Campus, Shimla: Simply start by contributing ONE HOUR from your daily routine to teach a student (preferably a child from poor family devoid of basic necessities). Start by saving a small amount of money from your daily routine and when you accumulate a considerable amount, buy necessary items like Books, Notebooks, Pencils, Stationary etc. for that child. In the entire lifetime, if you are able to transform a single life, you human incarnation is ultimately a success.

  • And If you are at HPU Campus, Shimla: Just give us a Call and Join us in this noble endeavour.

Motto of RC Group is Love All; Serve All

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